Treadways Motorise Your Footware and are Gunning for Dyson Award

If you’ve ever looked at a kid scooting about on their Heeleys with envy or like the idea of roller blades / skates but lack the balance and the fitness – then let’s hope that this design gets through!

These are Treadways.

Treadways are motorised footwear that are aimed at grown-ups!

This fantastic idea is the brainchild of Peter Treadway (yup, that’s his real name folks!) and he has entered his design into the annual James Dyson Awards.

Peter reckons that these are perfect for nipping around instead of using your car for the shorter trips – if I can get some fitted to a trolley as well then I’ll be sorted for any gigs without having to get a cab from stations 🙂

I hope that these genius lithium-polymer battery powered shoe attachments gets the vote!  You could scoot to work and then not worry about where you’re going to leave your bike and whether it will be there on your return.

It looks good as they already grabbed the Bronze Award under the Breaking The Rules category at the 12th Biennial Northwest Design Invitational 2009.


Check out the trials below 🙂

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