Transport Your Yacht Across the Atlantic Without Needing to Suffer Seasickness [ Yacht Express ]

yachtcarrierNow, if like me, you love the idea of mooring a yacht up in Monte Carlo, Cannes or St Tropez but can’t actually sail – or get horribly sea-sick then, thankfully, there’s an answer for when you want to change continents.

To painlessly get your lovely boat from France to Florida all you have to do is  put it on another boat.

The Yacht Express is a semi-submersible float-on/float-off yacht carrier, that can carry 18 yachts at a time and is now on its first trans-Atlantic voyage.

At 209 meters long, it’s the largest yacht transport in the world as well as being the only one that’s actually purpose built for the job.

Phwew – my dreams have been saved.

I just need that few million quid now!