Transforming Spin Vehicle – Kid or Adult Prepare to WANT

transformable_spin_vehicleHow much would do I want one of these when I was a kid now!!??!!

Matias Conti designed this Transformable Spin Vehicle concept with rotating components so it can transform from an upright tricycle to a lower-rider lightcycle-style cruiser.

Depending how you shape your ride you’ll apparently get a different…well…..ride.

So, I take it that you can choose one version for that pleasant cruise in the park and another for thrill-seeking downhill jaunts!

Though the vehicle can be steered by two actuators, which send battery juice to the powered rear wheels, leaning would influence handling and even help steer.

Just because the figure in the picture looks like a kid it’s not gonna stop me having a go should it get produced! 🙂




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