Transforming Love Seat for Geek Valentines Romance

Calypso LoveseatIf you and your partner both own a Laptop/Netbook/portable clamshell desktop chances are that there are moments in the day when both of you are staring deep into your own screens rather than each others eyes.

Well, as Valentines Day is fast approaching, I was looking around for something that could help everyone out in this situation.


Here is The Calypso by designer Brandon Allen.

It’s a foldable, changeable, multi-jointed, clever-clogs of a seating thing.

The love seat concept is double jointed so you don’t have to be 😉 – it quickly converts between workstation (with lappy tables), a contemporary sofa, coffee table, and of course the Love Seat.

calypso love seatPersonally I love this design and it brings convergence to furniture.

The looks should fit into almost any home and the fact that it can chop-and-change between uses it should be a winner – although the days of requiring a love seat for courting have sadly gone.

Ah, for more innocent times eh?

It appears to be just a concept at the moment.

I dread to think how much this would cost in a boutique furniture store!

What you pay for it?

Would you buy one?

Would it improve your love life – or at least your comfort when watching television and checking out Gadgety News?

InventorSpot via Crunch Gear

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