Transformers Come To Your Puter – Mouse, USB Hub and Drive – Peripherals in Disguise


Ok Transformer fans!

It’s time to add a variety of peripherals to your puter to show off your fandom.

First up is a Ravage 2GB flash drive and it really transforms from a robo-cat to a usb stick – You can carry a Transformer in your pocket again, cool!  🙂

Next up is the Grimlock (and Trypticon) Transformer mice are also cool but I’m doubting how good they’ll actually be as mouses. But then, the transforming mice market aint exactly competitive is it?

Finally is the Blaster USB hub that transforms from a cassette playing (how retro) robot to laptop that allows upto 4 USB connected goodies to be connected.

Check out the gallery below and remember that there’s more than meets the eye!

All these goodies are available from BigBadToyStore