Tracks by Aiaiai – 80’s Headphones for 2010

Righty – you love the retro vibe, perhaps wearing some cool Space Invader tights, but you’re rocking some modern headphones – you’ve ruined the look!

You could get yourself some mighty fine Koss Porta Pros, which I’ve owned and loved but they might be a little ‘off-the-shelf’ for someone as cool as you.

May I present the ‘Tracks’ headphones from the fantastically named Danish company – Aiaiai!

These have a distinct whiff of the Walkman ‘phones and are admittedly styled on the personal audio classics which must’ve helped Sony beat Phillips in the compact cassette player wars back in the 80’s.

You get the comfy foam ear-pads that slide on brushed steel head braces.

Whilst their looks are stuck in my favourite style period the ‘Tracks’ are 21st Century with the latest in driver technology and you should be getting decent audio from the 40mm speakers.

These will also play nice with Blackberry’s and iPhones so there you go.

£44.50 will get you stepping out from the crowd!

Check the range out at

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