TrackR pixel and wallet 2.0 revealed at CES 2017

trackr pixel keysTrackR unveiled two new products at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new portfolio includes a smaller and lighter form factor and a wallet-thin credit card sized TrackR.

Funnily enough, the TrackR was brought up in the latest Tech Addicts UK podcast when discussing the Tile range.

Well, the new additions to the TrackR family look pretty good I have to admit.

Not only that, here’s another company integrating Alexa in to their offerings.

New TrackR releases

TrackR pixel

The pixel comes in nine fashionable colors and starts at a lower price point. This allows you to track all of their items at home and on the go.

trackr coloursTrackR pixel can quickly locate items and has an LED light that turns on when it is activated. This should help make finding items in the dark even easier.

trackr pixel blackAt just 26mm in diameter and 5mm thick (about two 10p coins stacked) it is one of the smallest item trackers on the market.

TrackR wallet 2.0

The wallet 2.0 is one of the thinnest trackers on the market at just 2mm.

TrackR WalletShaped just like a credit card, TrackR wallet 2.0 uses new carbon fiber technology to achieve this remarkable thinness while maintaining all of the functionality of TrackR bravo, including replaceable CR2016 batteries.

Trackr atlas

Both of these products work with TrackR atlas, a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi wall plug that makes keeping track of tagged items in the home a breeze.

TrackR atlas runs on the TrackR cloud-based platform to create a floorplan of your home and detect any tagged item within.

[youtube id=”Y7B5qyr66zo”]

You build the floor plan on the app and then can see the specific rooms the tagged items are in, set alerts for when an item enters or leaves a given room, and get a history of where items have been.

Alexa is here too!

TrackR atlas will integrate with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices so consumers will be able to ask Alexa where an item is and have her direct them to the correct room in their house. Plus, TrackR atlas will work with other Bluetooth devices, including other trackers.

TrackR prices and availability

pixel is available for pre-order now for $24.99 and will begin shipping in Spring 2017.

wallet 2.0 is available for pre-order now for $29.99 and will be available in late Spring 2017.

atlas is available for pre-order now for $39.99 and will begin shipping in Spring 2017.