TrackR pixel – a new, smaller, brighter TrackR

tracrkr pixel blue usbToday, TrackR has announced that their new TrackR pixel is now available.

The TrackR pixel boasts to being one of the smallest and brightest Bluetooth tracking devices on the market.

In addition to having a longer range and louder ringer than TrackR bravo, TrackR pixel includes an LED light that makes it easier to locate items in the dark.

The pixel comes in nine colours and so should fit anyone’s personal style. Furthermore, it has an even lower price point to make tracking everyday items more affordable.

You can attach the pixel to pretty much anything thanks to the bundled key loop and adhesive.

TrackR pixel tracking

Once the device is paired with the free TrackR app, you are able to make the TrackR ring out loudly.

You can also find your misplaced item by making the pixel light up.

There is also a handy in-app map.

Crowd power

If an item is lost outside of range, TrackR’s Crowd Locate Network is activated. This enables you to receive anonymous updates of the last-known location of their missing item whenever another one of the millions of TrackR users passes within range of it.

The Network receives more than 360,000,000 individual item updates every month.

trackr pixel black keysAdditionally, with Family Sharing, TrackR users can share items with family members so everyone can help find those missing car keys in the morning from multiple phones and TrackR accounts.


TrackR also integrates with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo. This makes it quick and easy to ring and find a missing phone.

Pressing a button on the TrackR pixel device can also ring a misplaced phone – even if it’s on silent.

Replaceable battery

As with all TrackR devices, TrackR pixel is designed to last and uses a replaceable coin cell battery.

This keeps cost of ownership low. and enabling people to track everything their family owns.

Small package

TrackR pixel is the lightest Bluetooth tracker on the market; it’s also one of the smallest at just 5.6 mm thin and 26.2 mm in diameter.

TrackR pixel price and availability

TrackR pixel can be purchased for $24.99 at today.

You can also grab eight-packs for a special price of $99.99.

Currently available in nine colours: red, yellow, white, black, orange, green, blue, purple, and pink.

It’s yet to appear on the UK site, from what I can see.