Touchy Dell Studio 17 Coming to UK Very Soon

Dell Studio 17 Touscreen LappyIf you spotted Dell‘s Multi-touchable laptop doing the rounds and thought to yourself “hmmmm…. I wonder if that will ever arrive in the UK?”

Good news – it shall.

Yes indeedy; Blighty will get to see the mid-range Studio 17.

The new Dell shall launch in the UK “before the end of the year”, according to the Dell spokesperson Crave gently interrogated.

So, this Dell; what’s it got?

Well, the 17 in the name Studio 17 points at the 17 inch LED-backlit display that pleases your peepers to the size of 1,440×900-pixels.

The touchiness comes via Windows 7, which you will already know was built to support multi-touch tech. Oh yeah – this means you can pinch to zoom in on photos and all that kinda stuff.

The base model is, well, pretty base with its 2.1GHz Intel Pentium T4300 CPU, 3GB of DDR3 RAM, a 250GB hard drive, a standard DVD-RW drive and integrated graphics but obviously that touch stuff makes it a little more interesting…. just about.

Crave played around with the specs and managed a nicer sounding list but also managed to spend £830 compared with the base jobs £545.

Please keep in mind that those prices are purely based on the US prices converted to Sterling – chances are there’s Brit Tax to add to those.

No firm date has been fixed but you’ll know as soon as I do 🙂

Are you interested?

Let me know if you’re going for the Touchy Dell.

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