Keys are so passe!

Nokia has been working on a very promising technology, called Haptikos, and it is now coming to fruition after 10 years in the making. The new technology promises a true tactile response for touchscreen text input methods. Though basic vibration methods are currently in place to provide a form of haptic response, Nokia’s efforts will literally relay the sensation and sound of a physical keyboard click—right beneath your finger. The Senior Program Manager at Nokia’s research lab, Roope Takala, explained how the engineers were able to accomplish the seemingly impossible:

“The basic technology is not that difficult…we inserted two small piezo sensor pads under the screen and engineered in a 0.1mm movement in the screen itself. What’s taken the time has been fine tuning the movement and response to mimic exactly the sensation of pressing a real key.”

As mentioned, the new system needs fine tuning to get everything spot on, but the guys over at Red Ferret gave it a try as it stands currently. Here’s what they said:

“…it was hard to remember that you were using a touchscreen keyboard.”

That assertion makes our hairs stand on end. If true, the implications are seriously vast. The Nokia S60 shall be the first device to support the technology under its hood, but it is unknown when it shall be released. We wait patiently, with our legs crossed and our hearts longing. Oh Nokia, will thou teach the torches to burn bright? We hope so.

Red Ferret