Touchscreen Dual SIM Phone That also Lights Your Cigarettes – The Machismo

Whilst the UK and other countries are trying to kill off smokers via hypothermia or poverty it takes a place like China to even the score.

Yes, the boldly named “The Machismo!” is billed as being “the world’s hottest cigarette lighter mobile phone.”

Personally I can’t argue the latter statement as I am complete unaware of the lesser mobile phone(s) that feature a built-in cigarette lighters. explains:

“The problem with modern life is you have to carry around too many things in your pockets. Wallet, keys, iPod, cellphone, and if you’re a smoker – a cigarette lighter too. Well here’s the perfect solution – The Machismo. Instead of carrying a phone AND a lighter, just turn this amazing phone around, slide open the safety latch, and the underlying heating element heats up in under 2 seconds. Place your cigarette on the glowing element and puff. Your cigarette is lit and you can enjoy your smoke. Super huh? Yes, Machismo!”

Ignoring the fact that you can spark your smokes using this phone the blower is a triband GSM number with dual SIM slots, a 2.5-inch touchscreen, 1.3-megapixel camera, and multimedia playback.

Before you write this off as an expensive novelty – all that phone and knowing you’ll always have a lighter with you will cost under £45!

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