Touchnote – Retro Seasonal Greetings

Touchnote. Your photo, your message, posted.”

Wow – I’m used to music and fashion going round in circles (I’m waiting for this 80s craze to finish so I can get loads of new clothes at budget prices) but technology?

This new service allows you to upload a photo, add a personal message which will be all put together.

Fair enough so far?

The next bit is the part that boggles my mind: They will proceed to print it off and then go and pop it in the post box for you.

Kinda like posting a personalised card or letter really – errrr…..neat eh?

You get a nice looking editor and image upload facility, and it’s real easy to produce something worthy of sending.

But coughing up the £1.99 plus postage? 

Buy a cheap printer (if don’t already have one) and some stamps and then Robert is your mother’s brother 🙂

Great idea – but surly a novelty for those who have never had to put pen to paper and actually write a letter.