Touch Poet Helps You Write and Tweet Romantic Poetry On iPhone

touch_poetNeed some help writing your love note?

Want to get your Blake, Wordsworth or Keats on but are lost for words?

Grab your iPhone and jack it up with Touch Poet.

59p will get you this just-in-time-for-Valentine’s Day app.

Touch Poet will kick-start your creativity as it offers you with a screenful of words that you can rearrange until something clicks.

You know those ‘magnetic poetry’ fridge magnets?  This is a similar idea, but instead of giving you a bag of preset words, Touch Poet draws its vocabulary from a wide range of classic sources including Shakespeare, Coleridge and Kipling.

To ensure things don’t get too bogged down in the past, Touch Poet will also drag words in from Digg headlines, CNN and other up-to-the-moment interweb sources.

The app will pull in a random selection of words from your preselected sources abnd present them as slips of ‘paper’ that you can touch and drag around.

Once your masterpiece is complete, Touch Poet will let you email it to your beloved or post it to Twitter.

A rose by any other name……………

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