Totoya makes your iPad an Extremely Cute Pet

Totoya iPad Plush PetsYou look at your iPad and you notice something’s missing. It lacks cuteness. Sure, it’s useful, trendy and a fashionable gadgety accessory – but it just doesn’t have ‘ahhhh’ appeal.

Totoya’s plush creatures will definitely put that right. That’s TOTOYA; Not to be mistaken for the Japanese car maker 😉

The cases completely cover the Apple tablet with only strategically placed holes cut out in order to show the virtual critters characterful eyes and heart.

All together now – AAAAAaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…………

OK, these have been designed for kids but I’m sure anyone reading this could waste time setting off the sound effects and other interactiveness. These are triggered by the heart cutout.

As they’re designed to be handled by those anything but angelic mini-humans the cases should offer decent protection against knocks, chocolate covered hands and the likes.

The YetYet and Robotto, pictured above are both available now for $80.

If you want something more pocket-sized for you your kids to play with then check out the iPhone versions called YetX and RobX – priced at $50.

Totoya Creatures from CarnationGroup on Vimeo.

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