Toshiba Transfer Jet – High Speed Near Field Data Transfer

transfer-jetIf you were at CES last year or was reading a classy Gadgety News site like this one then the words ‘Transfer Jet’ will be familiar.

If not, well Transfer Jet allows ridiculously swift data transfers without wires, and can be activated simply by moving two gadgets close together.

It’s Toshiba’s turn to take over from where Sony left off.  Tosh says it’s ready to shove the wireless transfer technology inside laptops and TVs launching this year.

When it’s here all you’ll have to do is plonk a couple of enabled devices within 3cm of each other, and then they’ll blast information between them at up to 560Mbps.

Toshiba has shown it sending photos from a handheld device to a TV in seconds and syncing a PDA with a laptop just by placing it on top of the wrist rest.

That doesn’t neccessarily mean that TV’s and laptop’s will be the first products to feature Transfer Jet when Tosh release it though.

Last year, Sony showed camcorders offloading footage to PCs using the technology, and its uses are practically unlimited.

Cool huh?