Toshiba JournE Touch Shaping up to Take on Apple Tablet

toshiba JournE touch1The Toshiba JournE Touch tablet seems to be creating more than a little bit of a stir at the IFA.

Tosh seems to have bounced ahead of the much rumoured Apple iTablet especially as the JournE will also have an app store.

The offering that was being shown off is not the finished article.

The IFA JournE is ticking over (just about) on pre-production software with an apparently unstable browser.

Under the hood is an Arm processor, running Windows CE, HD playback and Wi-Fi. Seeing as the Tosh Tab isn’t planned for release until the years end there’s plenty of time to develop everything so it all runs smooooooooooooooooothly.

The new Tosh packs a 7 inch, LED backlit screen and measures a slim 14mm thin whilst gently tipping the scales at 400g.

Colourways seem to be aluminium first then a load of different colours to follow.

TV fans will be able to hook it up to their gogglebox via the specially designed cradle.

The JournE Touch is planned to work with Toshiba’s new Media Controller software which will give it the ability to control other devices around the home, streaming media to them and taking charge of their functions.

Once the niggly bits have been sorted I can see that the JournE Touch should become quite desirable and I am certain that Mr Jobs et al will be having a close look at it.

It’s pencilled to drop at the end of the year for around €249

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