Toshiba 84-inch Ultra HD 4K TV landing in UK

Toshiba 4k ultra hdIf you don’t live in a London flat, and/or have plenty of money to splash on a very HD television that could make an art-house cinema screen seem tiny, then you could do worse than treating your peepers to the 4K Ultra HD loveliness of Toshiba’s new 84-inch 4K 9 series telly.

Offering an amazing 3840×2160 resolution on a room-dominating 84-inch passive 3D display, this huge yet slender slab of televisual gorgeousness is also able to intelligently upscale existing 1080p content.

Handy til there’s more mainstream 4K content available.

Toshiba’s new Cloud TV service will also be found employed by the swish sets. This will squirt out personalised content including catchup TV from the likes of BBC iPlayer as well as streaming services such as Netflix and Deezer.

Throw in Intel Wi-Di multiscreen connectivity as well as a capable web browser and you’ve got yourself the ultimate display to partner your PlayStation 4 😀

The 84-inch, 65-inch and 58-inch 9 series models will land this summer. As for pricing – you know the saying, if you have to ask you can’t afford it? 😉

As well as the flagship 9 Series Ultra HD televisions, Tosh has also announced new smart and 3D television ranges, all-new Blu-ray players and the Cloud TV connected content platform.

Toshiba also has bragging rights to two of its existing products, the Satellite U840W and the Mini 3D Sound Bar, having both won the red dot award for excellent product design.

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