Toshiba and Electrolux Brings the Escargot VC-Z100L – Snail Vacuum Cleaner

Toshiba-Escargot-VC-Z100L-Vacuum-Cleaner_1Vacuum cleaners are usually pretty boring, well it seems that Toshiba and Electrolux have teamed up to produce a stylish looking vacuum cleaner, the Toshiba Escargot VC-Z100L Vacuum Cleaner.

It may even drag me away from my Dyson!

Weighing at lightweight 2.1-kg (4.6-lbs) the Escargot VC-Z100L (probably so-named because of its resemblance to our slimy garden-bound friend) puts a new spin on the cyclone vacuum cleaner. This compact vacuum cleaner sports a 50-watt high-suction power plant and can be easily moved from room to room via the attached shoulder strap – No more dragging your vac around your home.

The Escargot comes with plenty of accessories, making it adaptable to pretty much any vacuuming task. It’s also ear-friendly – producing 65-dBA maximum noise level. With its 6 metre (19.7-ft) long power cord, modern metallic design and reliance on industrial-strength materials, the Escargot just might make cleaning fun.

OK, probably not actual, real fun.

The Escargot is only available in Japan, so the rest of us will just have to wait.

Price for this Escargot cyclone vacuum cleaner is around 10,500 Yen.

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