Torch T1 cycle helmet is equal parts Tron and Daft Punk

T1 torch-helmetWhen you’re out cycling, chances are that your thoughts are more focused on safe riding and getting to your destination in one piece rather than pretending you’re Tron or one of Daft Punk. Just think if you could do all three? Here is the Torch T1 cycle helmet.

This glorious skid lid is packed with 10 LED lights – five at the front and five at the rear – all of which are fully integrated into the body of the helmet, and have four different functions including flash.

The folk at Torch give a claimed battery life of 12 hours, with charging done via a single USB cable, meaning it can be plugged into your computer at work if you need a little boost to get you home safely – if you have any ports left after plugging in your phone, tablet, spare battery, flash drive, etc.

Torch helmetThis brain bucket isn’t one for those of you who are all about shaving of the grammes in order to get best from your ultra-light tourer as it tips the scales at 366g.

But then you are getting a helmet as well as front and rear lights in the same package. This scores bigly for me as this means less chance of leaving something stealable on the bike.

The Torch T1 costs £85 so you won’t be finding it in the budget section but, again, what would it cost to buy a decent helmet and lights separately?

Expect to see the Torch T1 on shelves at the Bike Show next month.