Top tech toys for Christmas 2016

anki-supertrucksDrones are definitely in this year. Thankfully there are plenty of scope for skill levels and present allowance.

It’s not all drones though, there’s other gadgety goodness to add to your last minute Santa wish list.

We might not have reviewed many tech toys over the last 12 months but we’ve been hands-on whenever we could.

The View-Master VR starter kit is good value for money, and works as a Google Cardboard viewer.

The drones from Revell Control are good value but could land less accomplished flyers in to problems.

Parrot Mambo and Swing

parrot-mambo-and-swingHere’s a two-for-once choice. Yeah, you have to buy one at a time but I met these together so I can’t split them up.

Mambo comes with attachments so that you can fire BB pellets or use a grabber. Much fun.

Swing is the sports model as it can go from quadcopter to practically X-Wing Fighter at the touch of a shoulder button.

What they both have in common is the tech to make them easy and fun to fly.

Price: Mambo – £100 (inc. cannon and grabber) | Swing – £120 (inc. controller)

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Propel Star Wars Battle drones

propel-store-displayCertainly one to add to your wants, even though they will be thin on the ground. Definitely fun, definitely collectable.

These drones are nimble, look excellent and fire frikken lasers!

The Millennium Falcon arrives next year with a higher top speed than the X-Wing, Speeder Bike or TIE Fighter. So, if you aren’t able to get one for Christmas, you should have a better choice in the New Year.

Price: £230

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Anki Overdrive Supertrucks

[P_REVIEW post_id=56075 visual=’full’]

I told you it wasn’t all drones. Anki Overdrive is great fun. This year the clever cars with artificial intelligence have bigger, badder buddies.

Supertrucks have rumbled on to the scene and bring with them new challenges and games.

They might not be able to jump gaps, but they’re worth it for the Takeover Battle alone in my opinion.

You will need the Anki Overdrive starter kit which supplies you with track and two cars, but you won’t regret it.

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