Top 5 CES Trends

Las VegasSo, where will the not-too-distant future take us according to the many stands at the CES?  Are we going to get those long awaited flying cars, transporters and jet-packs?

Not yet – but there are a few quite evident trends that I’ve noticed and here is my top 5:

1. Blu-Ray

With more major studios (as well as some more ‘adult’ biased ones) opting for BluRay it looks like HD-DVD may be kicked aside.

2. Networked Homes

More than one remote is going to be a thing of the past and everything will be run from a central hub – this is what CES seems to be pointing at. All this tech will be wireless of course!

3. Green Women!

I remember when it was the ‘Pink Pound’ that companies were making a b-line for – now it seems tech and gadget companies are waving the Green flag as well as getting the laydeeez onboard with more female-centric gadgets and that host of pink and pastel coloured tech that we’re seeing more-and-more of.

4. Thin TVs

In a world where bigger is better it certainly looks like thin will be king.

5. An Easier Tablet to Swallow?

Although tablet PCs have hardly made a splash in the market companies still think that Slim, efficient, pocket-sized Tablet PCs called Mobile Internet Devices are the way forward.  Think the iPod Touch or Nokia’s Internet Tablet, but about twice the size.


One thing that has been most evident to me is that tech is style, a lifestyle for the upper end of the spending demographic.  More top-end designers are getting involved and more bling makeovers (gold phones, diamond encrusted headphones, and even a gold Voodoo desktop) are being produced.