Tomy GX Buggy Hands on Review – Small, Speedy and Simply Fun

I can’t believe that something so small can bring such joy. Nope, this is not the opening line to a ‘Carry On’ film – I’m talking about the GX Buggy from Tomy.

The GX Buggy is a micro remote controlled car and I’ve been blasting this thing around the flat and on the garage roof that happens to be next to our shared roof-terrace.

This GX is literally a pocket-rocket. It’s only 10cm long, weighs in at 42g and is devilishly quick!

Tomy claims that the buggy can hit 22kph – all I know that it’s fun and fast. The good news is that it only takes about 20 minutes for the charging unit (takes 4 x AA batteries) to juice the buggy ready for 10 minutes of hilarity (if your driving is as good as mine).

Driving comes from the trigger-equipped remote control (2 x AAA batteries) which hands you acceleration, braking and reverse as well as being able to point the GX Buggy left/straight/right.

It feels like the buggy has been built to be safe in the home with its lightweight body and foam rubber tyres. It handles well enough on wood, lino and carpet. I’m guessing it will be a hit with cats 😉

It took me a while to figure out what the clear, flexible bit of plastic was that came in the packaging – to be honest, I thought it *was* part of the packaging. It turns out that it is actually a ‘roll wing’. You see, as you’re slinging the GX Buggy over ramps and across rocks and the likes, the little lightweight loonmobile can have a tendancy to flip over. Thanks to this clever bit of clear plastic the GX will, more often than not, end up back on its wheels. Who’s a clever car then?

The buggy uses 2.4GHz tech which should prevent you taking control of someone elses buggy (and vice versa) when you’re racing around.

I’m not sure how much hammer the GX can take outside but if you have the space indoors then it’s a definite hoot!

My main grumble is the same as it was back when I was 7 – batteries not included! The GX package takes 6 cells and there’s nothing more annoying than searching your home and emptying remotes left, right and centre to get your new toy to run!

The GX Buggy retails for around £30 and there’s even a purpose built ramp available for about a tenner!

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