Tokyoflash Waterproof MP3 Juke Tower – Water Music

juke-towerTokyoflash.  A name usually associated with confusing watches have moved the goal-posts and have come up with the Water Proof MP3 playing Juke Tower.

Perhaps inspired by the Japanese love of Karaoke mixed with ruining singing along with tunes in the shower.

It stands 18.3cm tall by 7.8cm wide and is available in black or white.

Obviously built with the bathroom in mind it’s powered by 3 x AA batteries and should give around 12 hours of sing-a-long-withness – Ooo….it also houses a red LED clock (well, it had to contain a time-piece didn’t it?) just in case you’re timing your hair dye. 

So far, so good.

But then there’s the odd thing.  The Water-proof MP3 Juke Tower has no internal memory.

Nope – none!

You have to shove in your own USB device to get your groove on.

So? – you may ask.

Well, generally your USB stick wont be as waterproof as the Tower.

Ok, so USB keys are getting cheaper everyday but is that the point?

The port itself is tucked away beneath the case so I’m guessing it’s fairly safe.

The Tokyoflash Water-proof MP3 Juke Tower costs around £99 and is available now to be shipped to the UK.