TOFU Robot – Cute But Not For Eating!

tofu-mit-media-labLooking like a distant relation to Furbee this is the oddly named TOFU.

As far as I’m aware it aint for the eatin my vegatarian friends – TOFU is the “squash and stretch” robot with OLED eyes developed by the smart-party over at the MIT Media Lab.

More importantly – HOW CUTE IS IT!!!!??!!!!

TOFU uses those techniques of social expression long used by 2D animators to explore the impact on robotics – you know, where the pupils are placed, etc.

I’m not sure if everything went to plan but watch the video below for the cutest EVER dancer to Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’

Try watching it without smiling and praps shakin’ your booty!

Told you it was cute!