Tocky Wants You to Chase it First Thing in the Morning

If you have mastered the cobra-like strike speed to hit ‘Snooze’ when your alarm goes off in the morning – perhaps you should get a more evasive alarm clock.

This is a tad more subtle than the alarm clock that will dial someone from your phone book randomly and less freaky than a group of alarm clocks with mouths and blood types – this is Tocky.

You may already be familiar with Clocky which is an alarm clock with wheels whereas Tocky will roll about, off your nightstand and dodge your sleepy swipes and half-awake attempts at capturing it.

As well as having more of a survival instinct than most clocks Tocky also sports a touchscreen, records messages and MP3s and has changeable skins.

This latest evolution of annoyance will cost you $79 from Nanda.

Check out Tocky in demo mode in the video below 🙂

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