Toast wooden console covers add grain to your game

Toast PS4 closeGaming consoles look great in a modern living room. The thing is, what happens if your decor is more classic? Well, thanks to Toast’s covers, your Xbox One S, PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch can get wood.

Cutting edge gaming consoles can now add a bit of natural flare.

Thanks to Toast, the latest gaming machines can be transformed from their ultramodern forms and into wooden sculptures.

Gaming log

Each Toast cover is laser-cut from real wood veneer and finished by hand for a precise fit and perfect finish, according to the company.

The grain patterns of each piece of veneer are cut to match, creating a seamless look as they wrap around the game console.

PS4 Pro Toast wood coverThe veneer is paired with a high-quality adhesive that attaches the cover directly and securely to the console.

Not only will your console look original, the cover will protect your pride-and-joy from bumps, nicks and scratches.

Xbox one s toast wood coverNaturally, the cooling of your console is retained. The Xbox One S cover even adds some retro-cool styling (pun intended) to the vents.

The Nintendo Switch kit covers the console’s face, sides and back as well as the top face of the Joy-Con controllers.

Special branch

You can even have your wooden covers laser-engraved with pretty much anything you fancy. There’s a variety of fonts and text sizes to choose from.

PS4 toast custom ash coverBetter still, get some original artwork, avatar or logo dialed in by Toast’s designers.

Finger on the twigger

Ok, so it’s late and my brain isn’t coming up with any other puns.

toast nintendo switch coversThe Toast gaming covers are available in four sustainable wood choices. There’s Walnut, Ash, Bamboo and Ebony.

Toast gaming console cover prices

Xbox and PS4

Prices for the Xbox and PlayStation start at $49 for standard covers. They kick-off from $54 with custom text engraving and then $79 for fully customised covers.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch pricing starts at $24 for dock kits, $39 for console kits, and $59 for both.

Custom text engraving is an extra $5 and fully custom dock covers start at $54.

If you fancy adding some grain to your game, head on over to the Toast website fir (sorry) more details.