TinyVox Pro – iPhone Old Skool Styled Digital Recorder

There was a time that I used to record my jams onto tape, even when I progressed from a regular boom box with in-built mic to a 4 Track – ideas were still sent to cellulose.

I then started using a Sony Mini Disk recorder and now, purely for simplicity, use my iPhone if I’m not near my laptop and TC Electronic Impact Twin.

I still miss seeing the tapes spin when riff recording so I’m thankful that there’s TinyVox Pro.

Built to look like an old school tape recorder, TinyVox Pro has all the features to be expected for a ‘pro’ digital recorder on your iPhone but with added tasty retrotasticness.

I really dig the fact that it’s social network ready so you can share your bootleg recordings instantly on Facebook et al 😉

It’s just £2.39 and can be grabbed now from iTunes.

Check out TinyVox Pro in action below 🙂

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