Tiny blog idea from Kevin Rose uses webcam grab as background

tinyblog kevinroseYou may well be familiar with the name, Kevin Rose. He’s the founder of Digg as well as being a Google Ventures partner, and Web personality. His latest idea is a blogging platform called Tiny which has the unique proposition of showing the writer and their surroundings as they’re writing.

Kevin Rose has published a prototype video on YouTube which offers a glimpse into how his idea would work.

I know what you’re already thinking – “another blogging platform? Why would we need another Twitter, or similar?”

Well, the plan seems to be to allow readers to get a sneaky peek at the author’s world as they’re “writing it”.

The platform captures the blogger via thier webcam and records them and what is going on around them while they are writing. This becomes the background for the text.

This then can be presented as either a still photo or a video of what was happening live as the blogger was writing… I guess that this could be interesting. It might also force more bloggers to get dressed before they publish 😉

Perhaps thankfully, the background would be pixelated, but it would still provide a sense that you’re bearing witness to what the author is penning at that moment and perhaps make reading that post feel a little more personal.

Rose says that he’s not building the product out now but is looking for feedback from his fans.

What do you think? Is the world ready for another blogging platform, and does the addition of a photo/video of the author make a big enough difference?

[youtube id=”N6UW0JY5PUs”]

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