TimeCommand – Create Your Ideal Bedroom Ambiance Using Your iPad / iPhone

Stem Innovation, the company set up by ex-XtremeMac CEO Gary Bart, has a new product for you control freaks!

It wont actually control time but this dock designed for use with your iOS packing device is more than just a regular dock.

TimeCommand is actually a control station for the bedroom.

Plug in your iPhone / iPod / iPad and you are handed the ability to control your mood lighting (including a dimmer and a “wake by light” feature which allows TimeCommand to automatically switch the lamp off when you go to sleep or activate the lamp when an alarm sounds), Internet Radio playback, and something called Stem:Sonic iQ digital signal processing. The precisely tuned acoustic system delivers superior ambient room audio thanks in part to a 10-band graphic equalizer and bass enhancer.

You can download the apps for free and the TimeCommand dock is available now for $100.

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