Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker review

Tile Mate tracker


Build quality




Ease of use







  • Smaller than the original
  • Still packs all the functionality
  • Large user base to help track
  • Alarm nice and loud
  • Easy to use


  • Price increase
  • Once battery dies, have to buy a new Tile

tile mate grantiteI have had a Tile Bluetooth tracker attached to both my house keys and car keys since last year. We have now been sent the latest generation: The Tile Mate.

In my review of the Tile trackers I did remark that it was larger than I expected it to me. Well, Tile has since then come up with the Slim and the Mate.

The Slim is designed to be slipped in to purses, wallets and the like. The Mate, however, takes over from where the original Tile left off.

Has this shrinking diminished its powers though?

Tile Mate design

The Tile Mate is a direct successor to last year’s Tile, and it refines the design rather nicely.

tile and tile mate graniteIt’s around 25% smaller and lighter than the original model.

I think it actually looks better than the original too.

The Tile logo is now in a silver circle on the front.

tile mate rearInstead of being all white, the rear of the Tile Mate is a pale grey.

I am still unsure of white as a colour for something that spends its time in and out of pockets and bags though.

After almost 6 months use, my original Tiles do look used.

The silver button makes it far easier to see where to press to wake up the tile, which is handy from a design point of view.

Tile Mate performance

Even though this tiny Tile is more pocket-friendly, it still works in the same way.

tile mate edgeFor most of its time, the Tile will just sit there quietly. The white plastic tag sipping away at its 12 months, or so battery life. The battery is still non-replaceable/ non-rechargeable.

The app is still just as easy to use.

Tile app

Opening up the Tile app you are greeted by your list of Tiles and their last known locations.

It even shows you a picture of which Tile version is attached to what. As you can see, I now have the little Tile Mate looking after my car keys.

tile mate locationsIf you happen to not recall where you last had your keys, but are pretty sure they’re still in the vicinity, then tap the ‘Find Tile’ button in the app.

Tile Mate app - find tileThis will trigger your Mate to play a jaunty and surprisingly loud jingle until you tell it to stop.

I am still amazed at how loud these little things are. They are definitely loud enough to hear throughout the home, even if buried in the laundry basket.

If the Tile is out of range, a map shows its location the last time it checked in with your phone, and when.

tile mate location mapAt that point, you can call on the community for help. Mark a Tile as lost, and everyone with the Tile app suddenly becomes your pro-bono private investigator.

As soon as someone’s phone detects the missing Tile, you’ll get a notification telling you exactly where to go to continue the search for yourself.

Then, as soon as you’re in range, the app will tell you and you can make it sing for your attention.

Tile Mate app - found someones TileThis is something my app did for someone at the start of the year.

This is a neat thing. Obviously, this is reliant on how many Tile app users there are in your area.

Tile users

Here in London, even in Zone 3, it shows between 900 and 1800 users. When I’m in central London at the day job, this number really increases.

Tile Mate app - how many users in areaTechnically, anybody can download the app and do the hunting for you, but I can’t imagine many non-Tile users doing so out of the goodness of their hearts.

The company boasts that there are more than six million Tile units sold worldwide. I’ll take those odds.

Find your phone

Finally, you can also use the Tile in reverse. If you can’t find your phone, double-squeeze the Tile logo and your phone will start ringing, even when it’s on silent.

That’s no different from using Google’s own device manager to do that on Android, or the Find my iPhone facility with iOS, but it is a touch more convenient in a pinch.

Tile Mate review conclusion

Last year the Tile got a score of 8.5 with one of the cons being its size.

The new shrunken version certainly is an improvement in that respect. Unfortunately, the price has grown. Now, this might be due to the Sterling currently swirling around the plug rather than anything to do with Tile. But, this is still a consideration, especially when the Tiles need replacing every year or so.

Tile does offer a discount through its reTile programme. This can get you up to 50% off, according to the site. But you will still have to add this annual running cost in to your budget.

tile and tile mate with keysSaying that, the Tile Mate is still a good buy. You  just have to treat it like an insurance policy. If you factor in the hundreds or thousands of possible helpers you have at the push of a button to help find your kit – then the price is a bit easier to swallow.

I am happy that my little Tile army is looking after my keys and stuff and am equally happy to recommend the Tile Mate.

Tile Mate price and availability

The official Tile site has everything in US Dollars and offers free shipping within that country too.

For UK residents Amazon has the Tile Mate up at £22.95 each or £64.99 for four. The latter deal saves you almost £27, so better than a buy 3 and get the fourth free offer.