TigerText: Single, Famous, Player or Cheater – Don’t Get Caught Out by Texts

If you’re up to no good and would rather not keep incriminating texts on your phone the simplest idea would just to delete them – but you have no control over those held by your Tango partner.

But this is 2011 people and, should you be playing the field without protection – in this case I mean a PIN protected smartphone – then TigerText may well be your next downloaded app.

The new app, free and available now for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone, is tailor made to clean up your tracks. The advanced text messaging service will tell you when your text has been read and, most importantly, automatically delete the text from both phones after a time period of your choosing. No trail, no fail, no explaining – Bosh!

If you’re the Premiership Footballer/Top Flight Golfer (possibly where the app gets its name)/TV Celeb that likes to send saucy pics to all and sundry well, good news folks – It even works with photo messages.

Go get the TigerText app and remember – don’t hate the player, hate the game 😉

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