Tie-1-One Modular Squishy Furniture

I’ve always wanted beanbag furniture but have either never had the ‘right room’ or the money for such a thing.

It’s not much to ask to have something that I can pretty much just flop into when the day has gotten the better of me is it?

I’ve seen the oversized beanbag sofa’s in stores around Camden Market and, for what they were, seemed way over priced.

Whilst surfing the interwebs I found this natty group of comfiness and, although not gadgety, would suit a gadgety home for sure!

The Tie-1-On sectional pieces group by CB2 looks a total comf-fest!

Granted, apparently only available in red at the moment, but you can create proper grown-up seating arrangements out of the modular bag chairs.

You can even drag them outside (well, we have had some decent weather here in the UK) as they are made from water-resistant polyester.

You connect the sections using the black nylon straps on the corners and then create your ideal group.

Tie two chairs for a loveseat, three for a sofa. Tie on optional tie-1-on ottoman, and voilà, a stretch lounge…or how about an ottoman “table” tied between two chairs?

The latest in Milan (according to CB2) can be yours here in the UK – a chair (35″x37″28″) costs £129.70 and an Ottoman (25″35″12″) will hit you for £65.14.

Still a little out of reach for this hard-up musician but you people with proper jobs that live in actual houses will probably be able to afford this fashionable furniture 🙂

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