TidyTilt turns Your iPhone into a Mini iPad thanks to Smart Cover Looks

tidytilt iphone smartcoverThe iPad’s Smart Cover has plenty of fans – so why not have one for the iPhone? Thankfully TidyTilt is just that.

Yup, the TidyTilt is basically a Smart Cover for your iPhone and uses the same magnetic trickery as the iPad screen protector to give you a folding cover that doubles up as a triangular stand.

The main difference, other than size, is that the TidyTilt wont automatically send your iPhone to sleep, as the Smart Cover does with the iPad, but it does double up as a handy headphone tidy.

One thing that the TidyTilt can do that the Smart Cover can’t is that, because you have to slap a magnetic sticker on the back of your iPhone, it lets you mount your iPhone on your fridge or any other metal surface.

The TidyTilt cover is £24 from Firebox

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