TIBO sphere speakers, edgier than you think

TIBO Sphere 2 Black AngleTIBO has announced their Sphere networked loudspeaker range.

TIBO Audio is based in the heart of Bedfordshire, UK. It has let us know about the new Sphere speaker range.

At the moment, the range currently consists of 2 statement models – the Sphere 2 and 4. A third model, the Sphere 6, is due to be launched in December 2017, complimented by home cinema models Sphere 8 and Bar.

TIBO Sphere

TIBO Sphere rangeA key feature of this range is its multi-room functionality.

This can be operated via Bluetooth or WIFI – with the capability of controlling speakers from multiple devices.

The TIBO app adds more than 15,000 integrated radio stations. Also, you get in-built streaming services such as Spotify, TIDAL and Pandora to the mix.

Moreover, up to 24-bit high res playback also provides the optimal listening experience with high quality audio.

Smart Audio

Sphere 4 OrangeEach model in the Sphere range features multi-room and multi-play functionality.

This means you can connect speakers to the home network via an IOS or Android smart device for wirelessly streaming.

The wireless multi-room system can also play different music through various speakers around the home. This is fulfilled by ‘Bounce’ technology. This platform allows users to ‘bounce’ audio signals from one speaker to another around the home. Bounce also allows audio to be streamed from any smart device once connected to a TIBO Smart Audio product.

Pre-set channels

Each Sphere speaker has 5 pre-sets. These are set up via the TIBO app.

Once set up the speaker will go directly to a favourite radio station, streaming service or playlist. The pre-sets are designed to take away faff and hassle and make life that little bit easier.


The Sphere 2 stands as the smallest speaker in the range. Then comes the Sphere 4 with a larger frame of 135mm x 259mm x 180mm and a 50W power output.

The Sphere 6 will combine a larger size and more power – at 80W.

The TIBO Sphere speakers are ‘Hi-Fi Ready’ – allowing for a seamless WiFi connection.

For excellent stereo sound, you can join two speakers together. Furthermore, for audio from all angles, you can also join 4 speakers together.

Additionally, all Sphere products feature a USB socket to charge mobile devices and allows for up to 8 hours of battery playback.

Price and availability

The Sphere range of speakers are available in Black, White, Red, Green and Orange.

Sphere 2 and 4 are available in the UK now and can be purchased from TIBO.

The Sphere 6 is available from December 2017.

  • Sphere 2 retails at £199.99
  • Sphere 4 retails at £249.99