TiBag compact laptop bag review

TiBag laptop bag


Build quality











  • Compact - great for commuters
  • Great price
  • Pockets are cavernous
  • Sturdy zips and strap
  • Padded laptop slot


  • Temptation to overload

TiBag laptop bag reviewWhen I was asked to review a teabag, I was a tad confused. This is a gadget site, after all. Then I realised, this is TiBag, a satchel-sized laptop bag. It all became clear.

The TiBag is a shoulder bag made of durable Polyester. Even though it isn’t as large as some laptop bags we’ve reviewed here at GadgetyNews, it still manages to pack storage space aplenty.

I’ve lived with the bag for a number of weeks using it to lug my kit to work and press events.

So, how has it worked out?

TiBag design

tibag tourThe TiBag is a vertically oriented shoulder bag. It is available in any colour you want, as long as it is black. However, there are teal highlights.

The bag measures a compact 11 x 15 x 5-inches and enclosed by a single, large flap.

TiBagThis flap features a large zippered pocket that can easily swallow magazines, tablets and the like. Pretty handy for those things you need easiest access to.

The only branding on the bag is the TiBag logo on the flap. This has prompted certain questions like “Does that make you a TiBagger then?” Ah, the humour is non-stop here.

Anyhow, the flap is held closed with a large strip of Velcro. This is very sturdy and Velcro-y. It does take some force to open it.

When opened, you’ll find a small zippered pocket with 3 pen slots next to it, also an open-topped pocket behind that. Working futher back is a larger zippered pocket and then an open-topped pocket.

Finally, there is the cavernous main compartment. So, quite a few pockets then.

TiBag performance

tibag loadedHaving multiple pockets means that you can stow away plenty of kit.

Even though the ‘smaller’ open pocket has been designed to protect your laptop, I have placed my 13-inch Yoga 2 Pro in the main compartment. This is just to give you an idea of just how spacious these areas are.

The actual laptop slot can take a computer that measures 14-inches wide by 10-inches tall, and 1-inch thick. Gamers rejoice!

The larger zipped area could easily take another, smaller laptop. However, this is only padded at the rear thanks to being neighbour to the laptop slot.

The little zipped pocket next to the pen organiser is handy for thumb drives, plectrums, or a card wallet as shown. The pen slots could to with being a little deeper, if I am to be critical. Well, that is my job here I suppose.

TiBag front pocketHere you see my NVIDIA Shield tablet in the large zippered front pocket. It is quite deep and easily take care of books and magazines.

The main open compartment is padded on the back, sides, and bottom, and is very roomy. There’s plenty more room than my 13-inch Yoga 2 Pro needs. If you do choose to use this compartment for your laptop instead of the TiBag’s built-in sleeve, you will probably want to put the laptop in another protective case. To be honest, I’ve been using it for folders, large note books and a small camera tripod.

I was amazed at just how much you can fill the TiBag with. If you intend to stuff it to the max, it will expand to become around 5-inches deep.

The only downside with this is, like courier-style laptop bags, all that weight will be sent to a single shoulder. The strap on the TiBag is strong and fitted with a non-slip shoulder pad.

It is comfortable to wear, just be aware of over-loading yourself.

The rear padded area is also comfortable to have against you. It is also somewhat breathable thanks to the mesh material.

I have confidence that the chunky zips, strong Velcro and D-ring/carabiner strap connectors will withstand heavy wear.

TiBag laptop bag review conclusion

There isn’t much to fault with the TiBag.

It’s made well, has a simple design and enough pockets to carry all your gear. I do like this orientation too, especially when commuting. Also, keeping with the commuting vibe, a top grab handle would’ve been a great addition.

Whilst I am being picky, some extra padding and, perhaps, some soft liner in the laptop slot would be awesome.

I really was expecting the TiBag to cost more than it does, it certainly seems to warrant it.

Price and availability

You can order the TiBag direct from their website for $34.95. It is also available on Amazon.com.