Thunderbolt Transferring to Windows in a Month or so

Thunderbolt on PCIf you’re a Mac fan then you will already be well aware of the super-speedy, Apple-only Thunderbolt tech which allows you to squirt data between gadgets faster than Usain Bolt covered in grease and twanged from a catapult – well, it could be coming to PCs this year!

There’s word that the people over at LaCie are planning to to unveil PC compatibility for the 10gb/s Thunderbolt at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) 2012 trade show held in Las Vegas between April 14-19th.

Reportedly, LaCie will debut PC-compatible versions of the Little Big Disk SSD and the 2big Thunderbolt mass storage devices.

LaCie helped create the Thunderbolt Standard, which governs devices’ interactions with the cables, which “can transfer a full-length HD movie in less than 30 seconds,” according to Intel.

Asus and Acer were said to be adding Thunderbolt to their products back in September and word had already slipped out that Thunderbolt would arrive on PCs by the first half of this year – so it looks like everything is on target 🙂

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