Thumb Treadz for PlayStation 4 review

thumb treadz reviewYou may remember we tested out Trigger Treadz last year on the P&L website and we really loved them. Well now the guys over at iMP gaming are proud to announce Thumb Treadz.

Thumb Treadz attach to the analogue sticks on the original PlayStation 4 controller and come in two styles: a harder TPU Dimple compound and a softer Silicone Ridge one. Unlike Trigger Treadz, these beauties don’t need glue and it’s a simple case of fitting them onto each stick.

thumb treadz ps4I’ve been playing with these for a while now and honestly, I love them. They feel great and really give improved grip and extra comfort. You’ll not be prizing these off my white DS4 for a long while.

If you’re a sucker for gaming accessories then these are for you – plus they save wear and tear on your controller.

thumb treadz packAvailable from Trigger Treadz at the price of £2.99/€3.99/$4.99 for 4 Thumb Treadz.