The Three Most Anticipated Upcoming Consoles

consolesAs the technology of gaming advances, the most talked about events each year include the release of new consoles.  Console producers guard some of their secrets carefully to prevent competitors from getting in on a new technology or feature first, but inevitably a number of details emerge to whet the appetites of gamers around the world.

There are three upcoming console releases which are attracting a great deal of attention in the tech world at present, and the buzz surrounding the new offerings expected from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony in the form of the Xbox 720, the Wii U, and the PS4 respectively is increasing as the release dates draw closer.  At this stage rumors abound concerning all three consoles, but some facts are emerging which make faithful users of each console brand even more excited by the prospect of checking out the new technology.

Xbox 720Xbox 720 concept

The release date of the Xbox 720 has been rumored as being early in 2013, although some recent rumors suggest that the console may be unveiled in late 2012.  There has been speculation that the eventual release could coincide with the next generation of controller-free motion technology, which is widely anticipated and would keep the Xbox design at the forefront of innovation in interactive gaming.  There has also been mention of a large touch-screen approach, leading to different projections of the way the tablet console will eventually look when it comes to market.

Nintendo Wii UNintendo Wii U

More is known about the Nintendo Wii U which, rumor has it, will be released in November of 2012, and images of the new gamepad are currently being widely circulated.  Precision touch-screen control is expected, as are infrared transmission and the sort of analogue control sticks that have helped to make Nintendo’s other consoles so popular.  Many users are eager to try out the dual-screen approach that is to be introduced in this console, enabling simultaneous gaming and television viewing.  What is less clear is whether the simultaneous use of two gamepads will be possible with this version, or whether the new balance board will make it possible to sync real world data into ongoing gaming.

Sony PS4Sony PlayStation 4 Concept

Meanwhile, Sony’s highly anticipated PS4 is also causing activity in the rumor mill, although no release date has been officially set.  With this date possibly as far in the future as Christmas 2013, details about the console are largely unconfirmed, although it is thought that one possibility is a hardware design based on a new Piledriver set-up, powered by a Radeon chip.  However, this may be for testing or pre-release models, with more powerful technology in the wings for the actual sales version, and many users will be looking forward to advanced graphics capability.  It is also thought that the PS4 will continue the Sony practice of excluding backwards compatibility for games from the PS3 and earlier.


One thing that is certain is that all three consoles will have numerous new games designed for them.  These new games, and updated versions of old games, are highly anticipated in and of themselves, as the new technologies that the latest consoles come with are exploited to enhance the gaming experience.  Of course, many users will also be sticking with their favorite online gaming sites and taking advantage of the free bonuses on offer, including those that are available at Party Poker bonus codes, to continue the sort of gaming that they have previously enjoyed.

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