Three Mobile Mi-Fi Hands-on Review

I’ve been using this clever little thing for a few months now and I have to say – it’s darned useful.

Before taking it home I was aware that the previous model was a tad below par from what friends had said.  Yeah, it was handy but it took a long time to charge and when it was charging you couldn’t use it.  The status lights were odd to understand but would go out after a few seconds anyway and the network was a bit spotty.

But I am here for you my gadgety faithful!  I’m also aware that Three has spent a lot of time and money on upgrading their network.

Now, the original silver bodied Mi-Fi has been ejected and a sleek black number with a mirrored screen has slinked in – say “well, hello” to the Three branded Huawei E585.

I plugged it in and within 2 hours the little fella was charged and gagging to be used.  To my infinite joy the display was super clear – even I can understand:

  • Mobile signal strength
  • 3G indicator
  • WiFi indicator
  • Internet Connection
  • Battery Charge Status
  • Data Usage

The battery life is pretty good but you can use this baby when it’s plugged in.  So, when hooking it up to my iPhone in the office I leave it plugged in and then, when out and about, it lives in my manbag.  I’m now rarely found without my mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.  If you’ve ever tried hooking up to BT Openzone in central London you’ll understand the benefits – I used to just switch over to 3G as it often proved quicker.

I’ve even allowed the lads in the band to share it when we’re in rehearsals or out on the road.  We’ve seen upload speeds of between 0.80mps and 0.97 and downloads between 2.5mps and a whopping 8.86!

Those speeds are more than adequate for downloading apps, checking Facebook, uploading and downloading photos to and from your phone and pinging around emails 🙂

The Three Mobile Mi-Fi is now never far from me – it’s in my gig bag when I’m on the road, sat on my desk at the day job or in my man bag when I’m out and about.

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