Those Festive Lights Could Slow Down Your Broadband…….

I know that this sounds like something that Transport for London would come up with but that’s exactly what Internet Service Provider, Talk Talk is saying.

One of Talk Talk’s senior directors, Sylvain Thevenot, warned that Christmas tree lights and all that twinkling festiveness can interfere with wireless signals, reducing broadband speeds by up to 25 per cent.

He added: “Last year we received many calls from customers over the festive period complaining about slower than normal broadband speeds and a significant percentage of these complaints were due to interference from Christmas lights.”

So, in order to avoid problems with your interwebs ST say’s try keep your Christmas lights as far away as possible from your router, and to only buy lighting from reputable brands with the CE mark. He also warns that flashing lights in particular are the worst culprits – at no point did he shout ‘Bah! Humbug’

If you find that your service increases when you turn off your strobes let me know 🙂