This is a portable speaker partymobile – Teufel’s #Thundertruck

teufel thunderturck mainOn the road again: Teufel’s largest portable sound system now has the perfect mode of transportation. Don’t miss the Thundertruck with its 8 ROCKSTERS on party tour this summer.

What makes a decent party venue? How about thirteen square meters of dance floor, a bar with two refrigerators, add in four smoke machines, and an elaborate lighting system complete with strobes.

Now, what about the banging audio? Why not add some portable bluetooth speakers?

Stop laughing!

I’m not suggesting just any old Bluetooth speakers. I’m talking no fewer than eight of Teufel’s £750 ROCKSTER portable speakers – plus a pair of subwoofers.

teufel thundertruckNow, shove all of that in to an ex-military vehicle and the result is what Teufel has named Thundertruck!

teufel thundertruck deckThis is possibly the best mobile disco out there right now – more than that, it is a music festival on wheels.

The Thundertuck first appeared at Berlin’s Christopher Street Day on June 27th and, by all accounts, it was a thundering success and there are plenty more festivals and parties planned for the musical behemoth in the coming months.

teufel thundertruck parkedRocking the ROCKSTERS

With the 34kg ROCKSTER speakers, Teufel pulled out all the stops. A DJ mixer, two Bluetooth channels, three stereo inputs and 115 dB maximum output makes this portable sound system the ultimate party starter.

An integrated battery with 8 hours party stamina and the ability to run via standard car battery, a protective top cover to keep fiddling hands and boozy spillages away from the controls, and wheels on the base, all makes the ROCKSTER incredibly easy to use wherever you decide your party will be.

teufel rocksterNot content with merely having the largest portable Bluetooth speaker in the world, Teufel wanted a way to take the ROCKSTER on the road. Finding something that could transport the ROCKSTER from point A to point B was easy, but finding something that shared the visual expression of the ROCKSTER’s sound was a whole different challenge.

Enter the Thundertruck

Teufel developed the Thundertruck as the worthy companion to the ROCKSTER. Not something that flies under the radar, when you see the red “T” emblazoned vehicle approach – or, more likely, when you hear it – you’ll know the party has arrived.

Everything required for an open-air get-together is included.

Rock ‘n‘ roll isn’t just a musical genre for us, it’s a feeling”

So, starts Sabastian Drawert, general marketing manager at Teufel Audio. Drawert goes on to say:

That’s why we don’t limit the ROCKSTER or the Thundertruck to any one type of music or festival – we answer the call anywhere people want to have a good time with great sound.”

When the former MAN 474 German military truck was christened Thundertruck, it became clear that this massive machine would henceforth be dedicated to mobilising powerful sound and great parties.

Check the Thundertruck website for a list of upcoming sonic deployments.

Key features at a glance:
  • A former military truck (MAN type 474) retrofitted for fun
  • Year of manufacturer: 1977
  • Equipped with 8 ROCKSTERS + 2 additional subwoofers
  • Horsepower: 320
  • 7,800 watts
  • Total weight: 25.4 tons
  • Maximum speed 90 km/h
  • Smoke machines: 4, Strobe lights: 2
  • Dancefloor: 13 m²