Thinkware F800 dash cam lands CES 2017 innovation award

thinkware f800 dashcam closeThinkware has huge cause for celebration as their F800 dash cam has been recognised with the auspicious Innovation Award at CES 2017.

With some insurance companies giving drivers a discount if they fit one, dash cams are a big growth market.

The team at Thinkware have announced their new F800 Air connected dash cam at CES in Las Vegas. The innovation comes from them borrowing ideas from the Internet of Things to make a smart dash cam.

The F800 Air is able to text emergency contacts should it detect a collision.

The dash cam constantly monitors the vehicle while parked and notifies the owner via text if there’s any untoward movement such as a door being dinged.

Finally, upcoming F800 features will support geo-fencing and driver assessment. This is perfect for the parent who wants to loan their vehicle out their kids and wants to keep tabs on them.

A dash cam with looks as well as smarts

In addition to the innovative technologies, the aesthetics of the F800 Air has been carefully thought out. It has been designed with an attractive and modern look.

thinkware f800 dashcam viewsThe F800 has a slim frame and uses aluminium around the camera module. I am digging the U-shaped body.

Thinkware stated,

“With the innovative ‘connected car’ technologies, the dash cam will take on an important role in providing both driver convenience and safety and the continued evolution of the capabilities of the dash cam seem boundless with IoT.”

All this tech and good design certainly points to this being a worthy winner of the CES 2017 Innovation Award in the car audio/video category.

thinkware f800 dash camThe Thinkware F800 dash cam is tagged for release in June this year. I hope to be able to take one for a spin so stayed tuned!

If you are at CES this year, the Thinkware F800 is at Sands Expo, LV.2 Booth 42572. Check it out.