The UK ORSTO Q2 smartwatch could be a winner

orsto q2 smartwatch steel strapUK-based ORSTO has created and designed a new smartwatch called ORSTO Q2 which they are hoping will compete with the bigger smartwatch manufactures out there even though it will cost a fraction of the price.

ORSTO have got the likes of MOTO, Samsung, Apple and LG fixed firmly in their sights as far as their ORSTO Q2 “uber smart” smartwatch is concerned.

Having spent 5 years in the design, development and testing of wrist based wearable technology, the ORSTO Q2 Smartwatch is the first publicly available ORSTO Smartwatch.

It is now production ready and was launched on the ‘Kickstarter’ platform on Tuesday 9th June 2015. Having the benefit of more specialised Smartwatch R&D experience than almost any other European or US Company, the team behind the ORSTO Q2 are anticipating the launch to attract global attention, rivalling the likes of the Apple Watch, Galaxy Gear, Moto 360 and Asus Zen Watch.

orsto q2 smartwatch canvas-leatherJust by having a quick glance down the Q2’s spec list it certainly looks like a contender. With its 1.22-inch Colour IPS Capacitive Multi-Touch Display, 5MP High-Def ‘Selfie’ Camera and Twin LED flash, the usual array of sensors including an optical heart rate sensor, voice control, and magnetic pogo pin charging, the Q2 is loaded with all the right things.

The Q2 is available in gold, silver and black and can be yours via the ORSTO Kickstarter page for the meagre cost of a £65 pledge. I am very tempted by the canvas and leather strapped option above.

When it goes out to the general public the Q2 will have an RRP of £129.95 – which is still reasonable.

orsto q2Jump over to Kickstarter to learn more and make a pledge to be one of the first to own one.