The UK Cares Most About Chatroulette, Formspring, iPad and Justin Bieber

Ever wondered what the good people of the UK are using Google to search for?

Well, a quick glance over at the Google Zeitgeist list for 2010 will show you just that.

This comprehensive list is comprised of the most searched for and the fastest rising terms in the UK in 2010.

The fastest rising searches shows that tech and social media has had a real impact on the UK this year.

Still, does it really explain the amount of interest that random video chatting website Chatroulette has had? Not sure.

Following the voyeurism of Chat Roulette, second place is taken by Formspring – a website which allows you to ask your friends questions.

The iPad comes in at number three, with Justin Bieber (yeah – the 16 year old Canadian ‘sensation) who actually has his own dedicated servers at Twitter!) in fourth place. C’mon people – really? Just Bieber? Sheeeesh!

The remaining top ten searches follow the World Cup 2010 which I thought would be higher than number five, FB, Santander, Hotmail sign in (people search for that?), Youtube and Metcheck.

The fastest rising people being searched for on Google is headed up by Kristian Digby the presenter of To Buy or Not to Buy who died earlier this year and then, in second place, is that Justin Beiber character with Trinidadian hip-hop star Nicki Minaj rounding off the top 3.

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