The Standivarius Aero – Lightweight Stand for Portable Office

A lot of you out there (as well as me sat here) will use a laptop as your main work-a-day machine.

I chose a gaming laptop so that I can work as well as play and get to all the places I need to be and bring my puter along.

As we all know, these aren’t the most ergonomic to spend hours typing on – hence the need for laptop stands.

It’s all well and good having your base-station at home or the office but when you end up having to work in your hotel room – what then?

Well, if you’re put off by the weight of some stands why not check out The Standivarius Aero.

The Aero weighs in at just 135 grams and takes about two seconds to set up.

How travel friendly is that? It also remains attached to your laptop so the chances of forgetting to pack it are nil!

The Standivarius Aero costs £39 and the matching wireless keyboard and mouse cost an extra £44 – go here to check em out 🙂

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