The Smart Party!! Democratic Tunes.

A couple of UCLA students, Kevin Eustice and Peter Reiher, have written and tested some software that with their antennae set up will grap music playlists stored inside laptops.

The plan is to roll this out to wifi-enabled MP3 players and throw these tunes up front and create the playlist thus, perhaps, making DJ’S so 90’s!

Wi-fi playlists and ‘pod parties’ aren’t new but this software works on ‘votes’, ie how many people present have that track on their player.  Notice I said “people present”? – Smart Party can triangulate people’s position, it can also deduct their votes when they leave the party, making everything all fair and square.

I reckon the only downside of this is that people who ‘want’ an iPod or similar will know where to ‘get’ one from – also the amount of MP3 players that are gonna be dropped in the toilets, etc.

But for the pure eclectism of the potential tunes – I rate this idea!  Not sure how this will stand as far as DRM is concerned.  Loop holes anyones? 

[New Scientist]