The Next Android Tablet is From NEXT!

Now, I didn’t see this coming!

Highstreet purveyor of reasonably priced fashion and homeware, Next, has decided that it really should get in on this tablet band-wagon and so has released its own Android tablet.

The Next device is a 10” Android tablet, running Android 2.1 and looks like a Chinese iPad copy to me.

It measures 27cm x 18cm x1.6cm and weighs of 695g.   The tablet sports a couple USB ports, standard headphone and microphone sockets, MicroSD slot, and 8GB of internal storage.  You should be able to eek out 3 hours of use before looking for a plug point.

The WXGA LCD touchscreen is a resistive number which means that you have to press down on for it to work – a slightly odd choice but I’m guessing it was cheaper to take that route 😉

You can use your Next vouchers that you’ve saved up and will undoubtedly get for Christmas and buy yourself a Next Android tablet for £180 right now!

Fancy it?

I can’t wait for the Habitat Laptop and Topman Audiophile system!

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