The New Busy Comes to London – Learn Something New for Free

Last night there was a special evening being hosted by Microsoft’s webmail service, Hotmail – this was the start of its new campaign.

You’ve probably spotted the posters and seen/heard the ads about ‘The New Busy’ – well there’s also an experiential campaign running across London over the next few days.

This is all to underline Hotmail’s new time saving features.

The events will take place on 27 and 28 May at Canary Wharf and Broadgate respectively and will have several interactive areas to bring The New Busy advertising creative to life and celebrate the new time-saving features in Hotmail. The events will be showcasing what Londoners can do with their new-found time from quirky things to learn when sleeping and top tips on how to exercise anywhere.

The World of New Busy events will host a chill out and viewing area, Hotmail showcase, Health Farm where guests can learn Morris dancing, hula hooping and iconic dance moves, and Frivolity Fields where people can learn knitting, hand massage, throat singing and have a nap in the sleep pod. There will also be a unique photo opportunity in front of the green screen.

Fiona Fyfe, Product Manager for Hotmail, said: “We live in a world where people seem busier than ever and we have been listening to our users to improve Hotmail, developing these time-saving features to make it the most efficient email service for busy people. Whether it’s organising events, managing commercial transactions, searching for jobs, sharing photos, or communicating with friends and family, the new Hotmail will help increase personal productivity.”

Geraldine Leech Planning Manager at UM London said: “This is a great way to build added engagement with the New Busy campaign which has been running across London media since April. With the new features that are rolling out over the summer this quirky experiential campaign will make the service even more enticing for Londoners and therefore even more of an interesting space for advertisers.”

So, swing by – just don’t say that you haven’t got the time 😉

In the meantime why not check out the preview?

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