The new age of LED TV vs its family tree

Sony’s 2014 TVs include the latest fashion of Ultra HD 4K sets, including the new flagship, 85-inch X95 model, but the Full HD series is still extremely important as you can see by its W95 and W85 ranges.

Looking around at the selection of new televisions appearing it seems that different shaped screens are creeping in, but Sony’s shape change comes in the form of a new “Wedge” design, available on certain models. Sony’s Magnetic Fluid Speaker technology also features.

Sony claims that this “Wedge” shape brings with it a couple of benefits.

First it lowers the center of gravity of the TV, which allows them to have a shallower stand/base, hence the use of adjustable feet on many of the new models.

Secondly, it allows more room inside the cabinet to house and position speakers. Sony claims the capacity for the speakers in the Wedge sets is up 50% compared to last year’s standard models.

Sony’s Triluminos colour processing has been tweaked for 2014 so you can expect a wider range of clearer colours. The X-tended Dynamic Range technology then delivers stunning contrast for sharper detail with a screen that is twice as bright as a conventional LED TV.

For an enhanced cinematic experience, Sony’s 4K TV takes full HD to another level, bringing the action on screen to life with sets such as the X9 4K Ultra HD TV. Sony’s 4K TV range allows for a viewing experience that is four times the detail of full HD (8 million pixels). 4K X-Reality PRO boosts viewing to near 4K resolution making images more refined with sharp details and colours- providing excellent picture quality.

The W95, and some others, will come with Sony’s new One-Flick remote control. It’s the first time a touchpad has featured on a Sony TV remote and allows you to navigate Sony’s new on-screen menus.

The One-Flick remote also features NFC and a dedicated Social View button, which activates social media features such as Tweet View, a ticker tape feed of tweets, which scrolls along the bottom of the screen while you’re watching TV.

Photo Share uses Wifi Direct to create a network between handheld devices and the TV so you can beam photos straight to the TV. The twist for 2014 is that you can also share and transfer photos between different devices.

If it’s a combination of great sound, picture, and design quality, Sony’s W95 Full HD TV is the ideal solution, far from the TVs of the past. Check out this cool infographic to see how technology has shifted in terms of design, sound, remote control, and image quality and how the TV set is now suited to this new age dominated by Social media.


TV: Past vs Present - Infographic

Courtesy of Sony

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