The LEGO Movie Videogame review (PS4/PS3)

lego movie game headerLEGO’s latest brick buster hits PS3/PS4 so it’s time to arm yourself with some American sized popcorn while The LEGO Movie Videogame swamps your home cinema. The colourful interlocking plastic blocks return with a crash, bang, wallop and some more mixed up gaming time. With a brand that’s equally as recognisable as Coca Cola, LEGO seems to be an indestructible force.

Just like advancing from LEGO to Technical LEGO, you need a slight understanding of the core game elements when playing a game in the series for the first time. They all use the same mechanics – and it’s no different this time around. However, in The LEGO Movie Videogame, you’re not confined to one game theme. You’re at the movies so it’s a mashed up nonstop gaming exploration – and a fun one it is too.

lego movie screenshotYou begin as Emmet, a construction worker who takes you on a magical rollercoaster of a LEGO ride. In this big screen outing there is definitely more emphasis on actual building and construction as opposed to other LEGO games. There are neat little sequences where you have to select parts of a vehicle and watch the construction magically transform in front of you. They look cute, even if they do offer very little challenge. That being said, it’s moments like these that only LEGO games can offer.

lego movie screenshot 1Everything in this world is made of the famous building blocks and they really help bring these fake plastic environments to life. Pounding blocks to pieces and collecting the scattered studs is what LEGO is all about and always will be. The detail at times is staggering: scenes where you free-fall down LEGO infested tunnels and slide down mountain tops Lara Croft style all help create a new dynamic. The many different scenarios you find yourself in via the Hub again offer more variety also.

Additionally, vehicle levels where Usain Bolt sprints see your character perform ridiculous death defying leaps from 18 wheelers onto other moving lorries further add a degree of speed and action to the mix. It’s with these ideas The LEGO Movie Videogame really tries to stir up the foundations that have made the series so popular, but still, the game always falls back to its tried and tested formula.

lego movie screenshot 2If you’re a fan already then you’re simply going to love this one – it’s beautifully bright, colourful and shiny. The plastic population consists of over 90 little guys to play as, but if you’re expecting a big hike of a LEGO game then you may be disappointed – this journey is definitely a shorter one than previous LEGO games. However, if you’ve never played one before then this is your ideal starting block.


With a splash of new ideas, the recycled gameplay formula still feels fresh and fun. The LEGO Movie Videogame may not be a blockbuster of a hit but its endearing simple swagger will still keep all the family entertained. Too old for LEGO? No way!

Lizard rating: 8/10

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